VXcruise includes


A custom made 3D model and satellite imagery maps are combined in a dynamic and continues animation to show the ship at its real-time position. Next to the ship's logo, local sensor data  like speed, heading, wind, temp, etc. are presented in the footer bar. 


Routes are taken automatically from the navigational system or are pre-loaded. Realtime weather conditions are presented in the footer bar and forecasts are available when there is a small internet connection. 


Itineraries,  ETA's, destinations, highlights along your route are presented in a dynamic animation on the map and with high-res Images and video content.


Welcome on Board

Welcome your guests, introduce the ship and crew and inform your guests about the safety procedures. Add photos, videos and PDF-file to support the context.


Weather reports and forecasts are presented on their geographical location through VXcruise. You can watch weekly the forecast of any place on earth.  

Activities & Hot-spots

Show and suggest activities, excursions and hot-spots on shore by pinpointing them on the globe. Passengers are able to explore and discover the things to do along the route.  



An overview of all activities, menus and excursions for each day, presented in a calendar view. Link photos, videos or PDF-files to provide more information.  


Display and promote your fleet to inspire your passengers for new destinations and routes. This modules tracks and presents the destinations and routes of all sister vessels. 


Technical aspects

  • 1u Hardware unit - HDMI & DVI output
  • Unlimited TV licences - Full HD 1080p
  • Customised 3D cruiseship and logo in GUI

Extra features and for your luxury suites...

VXcruise has several features available as upgrades to further enrich the infotainment experience. In addition, we have for your most exclusive VIP suites and guest lounges, a truly unique and interactive multitouch solution. It is our most engaging and exclusive  solution which allows your guests to intuitively browse and explore their route, highlights and excursions.