Personalize VXcruise

VXcruise is the Guest Infotainment System on board of cruise ships. We integrate a 3D model of your cruise ship and use realtime data, transported from the bridge to personalize the system. Integrate your logo and look & feel in the system to create a synergy with your company. 

The different features of VXcruise help you to personalize the system even more. In the basic features you can display the itinerary, add photos of the crew, recommend hotspots on the globe and provide your customers with relevant on board information such as opening hours, menu of the day, special offers etc. We offer also extended features, custom made for your cruiseship. Use ShipTour 3D to create a digital map for your passengers to explore the ship.  


integrate a learning program to explain the technical challenges of a cruise ship. Let your passengers educate themselves about the engine, technical maintenance and the basics of sailing a cruise ship.

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Create a digital map of all decks to explore the possibilities of the cruise ship. Customers will always know where they are and what they can do on each deck.

End-to-End Passenger Journey Solution

VXcruise helps you to engage with your customers, from exploring which destination they want to visit until the thank you mail, when coming home. 

Book your journey

Use the VXcruise Globe on your website to display the spectrum of your destinations. Customers can see your fleet in 3D, real-time on the globe and can explore all the holiday options. 

On board

Keep your passengers up to date, by filling the system with relevant content such as the itinerary, photos of activities, videos of excursions and facts about each destinations. VXcruise is displayed in every cabin as a TV channel. It is also possible to use additional user platforms.

Multi-touch interaction

For your most exclusive suites and guest lounges, VXCruise offers a truly unique and interactive multitouch solution. We have several high-end touchscreens available and our flagship the fully Transparant touchscreen TRiN®. Large screen multi-touch is the perfect interaction experience for the demanding guest who expects true quality. It is the perfect presentation tool and allows your guests to browse and explore their route, highlights and excursions intuitively. Our larger touchscreens are clear landmarks on board and the perfect surprise to engage guests with their journey in the personal setting of a VIP suite or as a social information point in a the guest lounges. A unique interaction experience in a unique environment!

iPad app

To allow guests access to their journey related information wherever they are, VXcruise offers in addition its iPad application. The same features are available on (personal) tablet devices wherever your guests are.

When coming home

Send your customers an overview of the highlights of the holiday and use the VXcruise globe to suggest a new holiday to explore the earth even more with your company.